Winter Scavenger Hunt | from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsScavenger hunts are great way to get kids outdoors.

As kids find the things they’re looking for, they can just cross them off or they could photograph them, sketch them in their nature journals, or even save the treasures for a nature table at home. The options are limited only by your imagination. I am trying to design a scavenger hunt for Sola every season. This winter scavenger hunt is geared towards children aged 6 – 9. (Click here or on image above to download.) If you enjoy our winter scavenger hunt, you might also want to check out our spring scavenger hunt or fall scavenger hunt.

Turning it over to you

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt with your kids? Was it a nature scavenger hunt? I hope you enjoy this scavenger hunt!



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