This year we decided to set up a Waldorf advent seasonal table in addition to our regular seasonal tables.
Our Waldorf Advent Seasonal Table | from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsWe are secular homeschoolers, who happen to use the Waldorf method for our homeschool, so we did not include items such as advent circles or creches. Of course, we also don’t use a table, but use a small Montessori shelf instead. We started by laying Christmas colored silks on each shelf (we buy all of our play silks from A Toy Garden). We then started with this adorable gnome home and gnome peg dolls, which I purchased from the Etsy shop, Green Mountain Wee Woolies.
Advent Table 2 We have several of these cute Christmas wooden toys from Woodenful Toys, another Etsy shop.
Advent Table 6Of course, we included seasonal postcards, such as this card celebrating Santa Lucia Day.
Advent Table 1Other than that, we used our winter seasonal table decorations, as we don’t have enough advent decorations to fill our whole “table”.
Have you set out a special advent table for the season?