Storytelling With Props - from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsStorytelling with props in Waldorf education is an unique teaching technique that is not found in any other style of education. Storytelling is a bit of a lost art in our modern-day culture. Sola, however, really responds to the stories that I tell more than she does to the books we read. She’ll often tell me stories of her own that are variations of stories that I have told her previously. Her memory of these stories is much greater than her memory of books that we have read. Donna Simmons does a good job of explaining the role and purpose of story telling in Waldorf kindergarten (this would include ages 3-6) in her book Kindergarten With Your Three to Six Year Old (part of the Christopherus curriculum):

“To my mind, story time is the heart of the kindergarten day at home….story time is when you develop and work with a story over a period of days. This, along with Circle Time, is what will eventually develop into your Main Lessons and it is the focus for much much of the creative work and/or play which follows.”

I usually try to choose stories that relate to the season or a current holiday, as the rhythm of the year plays such an important part of our life. Some of my favorite sources for stories that are:

I use a lot of props with story telling and I think these really help to bring the stories to life for Sola. As she gets older and more able to develop her own mental images, I will begin to rely less on props. Some of props that we use in story telling props are:

Feeling inspired? Why not make some props of your own to go with some of your stories?