Spring Scavenger Hunt | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells
I made this scavenger hunt for Sola weeks ago and meant to share it with you all back then, but selling our home and moving has been a crazy experience that left me too exhausted to blog. So yes, I have been AWOL and yes, I will be absent from this site a lot until the end of summer. We now are living in a small apartment for seven more weeks until our new home will be finished. So, while it was good to be able to sell our house so quickly, the majority of our homeschooling stuff is in storage while we are in this apartment. I have the bare minimum here so that Sola doesn’t fall further behind, but even if we did have the rest of our supplies, there is no room to set up projects, so we’re very limited in what we can do. Anyway, once we are settled into our new house, I will be back to blogging regularly, but in the interim, this is a fun spring scavenger hunt for you to enjoy. It is targeted towards kids aged 6 – 12. You can download your own copy of this scavenger hunt by clicking here or on the image above.