Setting a Leprechaun TrapAs I have mentioned in previous posts, Sola has been very enchanted by the concept of leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day this year. We have been reading about leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day every…. single…. day. The list of St. Patrick’s Day books that I posted last week is only a small sampling of the books that we have read! The one book that really captured Sola’s attention the most, however, has been The Leprechaun Trap. The very idea of being able to catch a leprechaun has been so intriguing to her, that she has spent hours designing and building a trap and hours more planning out what she will say and do with a leprechaun, if she manages to catch one. The base of her trap is a green decorative bird cage. She added moss, a wooden rainbow stacker, and some fake shamrocks to help the leprechaun feel at home. She covered her rocker board with green silks to remind the leprechaun of the rolling green hills of Ireland. She also surrounded the trap with many items from her dollhouse to make the leprechaun comfortable (how the leprechaun will use these items while in the trap is beyond me).Setting a Leprechaun Trap
She put the leprechaun peg doll that I made for her into the trap so that the leprechaun wouldn’t feel lonely. She also included the “pot of gold” that I made as bait.
Setting a Leprechaun Trap
She even lined the path leading to the trap with miniature gold coins and green gems to lure the leprechaun to the trap. The one remaining component that we need to figure out is how to get the door to slam shut, once the “leprechaun enters the trap”. This is supposed to be my husband’s job, but he has been quite ill, so it has not been finished yet.
My plan is that on St. Patrick’s Day, I will leave a small note in the trap, saying “You can’t catch me!” Then I will have to leave some evidence of small acts of mischief around the house, which the “leprechaun will have played on us for trying to capture it”. I don’t know if Sola will want to make this a annual tradition, as the book’s cover implies, but it has been fun planning it this year.