Seasonally Inspired Learning – 10 Halloween Activities for KidsHalloween is only 17 days away! Are you ready? We’re not! We had the stomach flu all week! Blech! This is the longest stomach flu we have ever had in the 25 years that I’ve been parenting, but I guess it is not that unusual for it to last up to 10 days. Then last night, my husband was hit by a car walking home from the bus stop. Fortunately, he is okay, but it is a good reminder for everyone that at this time of year, we pedestrians need to make sure we’re visible. And not just from the front, but from the back also, because even when you are walking against traffic, you can be hit from behind. So especially on Halloween, when the kids are out, make sure everyone has some sort of light/reflector and drivers, please take it easy.

With all that said, Sola and I are still hoping to get in the mood for Halloween. So we have some Halloween seasonal Lesson plans to share.

How about at your house? Are your ready for Halloween? We just don’t seem to be able to keep up with the season this year, but are still hoping to have some Halloween fun before the 31st.