Seasonal Learning - 10 Fun Autumn Leaf Crafts | from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsThe leaves are falling, and around here, it’s our favorite part of the homeschool year!

We finally have found our rhythm for the year. We’ve found a balance between school work, structure classes, time to explore, and down time. The weather is getting cooler, but there are still plenty of nice days. Plus, there are lots of gorgeous leaves to be found! Can we say “free art supplies”!?!? Leaves make for gorgeous art projects that are fun and easy for kids to do. Check out the list of 10 fun autumn leaf crafts we’re looking at trying next week. And don’t forget your seasonal poetry and music while you’re at it!

Do any of these catch your eye? How is your homeschool doing? Are you feeling like you have things under control now? Or did you feel that way already?