Poppy Flower Crown from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsPoppy Crown

We did this project a few years ago, but I wanted to reshare it with you, since it was such a cute craft. At the time, I happened to mention something to Sola about daisy chains and daisy crowns. Of course, she was transfixed with the idea and we began trying to collect daisies to make a crown for her. At first, we couldn’t find enough daisies, but once they started blooming, we began to realize that all the wild daisies in our area seem to have tiny little bugs in them. I contemplated buying daisies from a store, but finally settled on using a different flower instead. We have tons of California poppies growing in our backyard right now and I thought I would try making a poppy flower crown instead, as they are also long stemmed.
Poppy Flower Crown from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells
Braiding Method

I tried splitting the stems of a few poppies to make a “daisy chain”, like I did when I was a child, but I found that the poppy stems were just too slender and fragile to split well. So instead, I used the braiding method shown over at Unecht Ruprecht to make our crown. We had no blades of grass and poppy stems break much more easily than daisy stems, but after a couple of tries, I was able to make a pretty crown.
Poppy Flower Crown from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Turning Things Over to You

Have you ever made a flower crown with your child? What type of flowers did you use? I would love to try this with different flowers!