Summer Gnomes | From Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsWe use gnomes to represent each month and season of the year to help Sola better understand the flow of the year, even though she is too young to be learning the names of the months.  As with all of the seasonal gnomes I have made, I used a wood burning tool to burn a monthly “symbol” on to the peg doll. I then painted the gnomes with watercolors and finished them with a beeswax polish.

I really struggled with the summer gnomes hats. I was trying for a hot and fiery look, so to make their hats, I needle felted a “skull cap” for the gnomes, but left the tops of the caps unfelted. I then twisted the tops to make them resemble a candle flame.

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Do you have any gnomes in your house that help your child feel the rhythm of the seasons?