Wet Felted CarrotsUntil recently, Sola’s doll house and Ostheimer animals were kept in our play room, which has wood floors. Unfortunately, our cats kept attacking the doll house babies, so we had to move the doll house in to our bedroom, which has carpeting. This posed a problem with the modeling wax food that Sola and I  had previously made for the Ostheimer animals. The wax was getting in to the carpet and sticking to it, so we had to make some new food for the animals. I had already had luck with needle felting some “hay bales”, so I decided that felted food would probably be the best bet. I wanted Sola to be involved in the process though, so I opted for wet felting the items. Wet Felted BerriesWe made simple foods, mostly “berries” and “chicken feed”, which happens to look just like yellow berries. To do this we first filled a bucket with warm, soapy water. We took small tufts of wool and separated them well, making sure the fibers criss-crossed each other a lot. We then rolled the wool gently in our dry hands, lightly shaping it into the the general shape we wanted it to have. Next, we immersed the wool shapes in to the soapy water. Once they were good and wet, we proceeded to roll the shapes in our hands until they were firmly felted (occasionally adding more soap as that helps to speed up the felting process). Once the shapes were firmly felted, we rinsed them and set them out to dry over night. The next day, they were ready to be played with!Wet Felted Chicken FeedDo you have any experience with wet felting? Know of any good links to wet felting projects? I’d love to hear about them, as we’re kind of new to wet felting!