Fairy Doors | From Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsFor the last several years, Sola and I have maintained a fairy garden. During the last year, however, Sola and the neighborhood children have taken to relocating the fairy garden and its various accessories. They’ve taken great delight in setting up various fairy dwellings throughout the yard and played many wonderful games, using incredible amounts of imagination. Unfortunately, in the process, my bare feet have been impaled by miniature hoes, shovels, fences, etc. that were left lying in the middle of the backyard where I have to frequently run out to, without having time to put on my shoes, as I am dealing with an injury, hurt feelings, or pet fiasco. They also have managed to make mowing the lawn a dangerous ordeal for my husband, as the fairy accessories blend in with the lawn very well, but come flying out of the lawn mower at high speeds when run over.

Fairy Doors | From Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsI finally decided that enough was enough and that our fairy garden needed to be simplified before someone was seriously injured. After seeing many fairy doors online, I decided that fairy doors are a wonderfully simple alternative to a fairy garden. So I secretly ordered a fairy door from an Etsy store, Nothin’ But Wood. Then I surrounded the door with a a few fairy garden supplies. Finally, I left a note for Sola stating that the fairies were a bit tired of having their house tumbled about, so were taking up residence in one of our trees. Amazingly the plan has worked, Sola has continued to play with her new and simpler fairy garden, but has kept the location a secret. No one has been impaled by stray fairy tools left lying in the yard for at least a month now and peace has once again been restored to our household.

What about in your yard? Do you have a fairy garden for your children to play with? If so, do they keep it contained to they actual fairy garden or do they strew the pieces about? If you don’t have a fairy garden, why not give a fairy door a try? You can even leave it out it a very visible location for all of the neighborhood children to enjoy.