Crystal Egg Geodes
Note: Please see my new updated post with thorough instructions for making these Easter egg geodes.

This was a post from my previous blog that did not get transferred over when I switched to Blue Bells and Cockle Shells. We did this project two years ago and the results are so stunning, I think we may try to do it again before this Easter

We made these crystal egg geodes using egg shells, alum, glue, water, and food coloring. The directions are from Martha Stewart. I did not follow the directions very closely, as I did not want to take so long to finish the project, nor was I willing to spend the amount of money needed to buy enough alum to do six batches of these. So I doubled the growing solution recipe and then divided that evenly between six small mason jars. It worked just fine and we were very happy with the results. I would also like to mention that when we microwaved the solution to further melt the alum, it actually made more crystals form on the bottom of the container. So I recommend that you don’t microwave the solution.
Crystal Egg Geodes
Crystal Egg Geodes

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