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Free Valentines Day Window Transparency Template | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

I created another window transparency for Valentines Day that I thought I’d share with you. I chose this particular design because I noticed an odd trend with Valentines Day designs, they all seem to use spring or summer settings! That is really weird when you think of about it, since Valentines Day is in February. […]

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Valentines Felt Bookmarks | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Groundhog Day/Candlemas is over and Phil the groundhog declared that we have six more weeks of winter left. Meanwhile, it was overcast and rainy hear, so I am wondering if Phil’s predictions count for the West Coast or if we get our own prediction. Regardless of the weather, Valentine’s Day is only twelve days away! […]

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Winter Window Transparency Template | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

I love window transparencies! They look so bright and joyful! I have experimented quite a bit with ways of enabling Sola to be able to make a window transparency on her own. Unfortunately, the process is much more complex than it seems at first. You can’t give young children the extremely sharp knives and scissors […]

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Christmas Fairy Garden and Peg Dolls

We were quite lucky to get some Christmas fairy garden snow this year! The garden looked precious before, but the snow really gave it that perfect “winter fairy” touch.I’ve been collecting little seasonal items for the garden all year finding them here and there.We were really surprised after the snow melted to find that Santa […]

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