Seasonal Crafts

Crafts for and about the four seasons.

Preserving Autumn Leaves With Beeswax | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Every year, it seems, we experiment with a different way of preserving leaves, trying to find the best method possible. This year, we dipped our leaves in beeswax. The method is pretty easy and can even be done with younger children, because beeswax melts at a relatively low temperature (though proper supervision is a must obviously). […]

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Seasonal Learning - 10 Things To Do With Corn for Kids | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

October is here! I originally had planned this week to be focusing on corn, though corn has been in season here for months now. Still, early October is when I think of corn harvesting time and certainly the calico corn is just appearing alongside the ornamental gourds in our store. So, here is our seasonal […]

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How to Make a Calico Corn Necklace | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Calico Corn (sometimes referred to as “Indian Corn”) Calico corn looks gorgeous as an autumn decoration, but can also be used to make a beautiful calico corn necklace for your child. Nothing man made can compare to the striking autumn jewel tones of calico corn. Sola and I made  calico corn necklaces for many years […]

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Preserving Autumn Leaves With Wax Paper | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Every autumn, we try to preserve the leaves that we find on our many nature explorations. We like to use them for crafts, in nature journals, and on our nature table. I’ve experimented with a lot of methods of preserving leaves and not been super enthusiastic about any of them. I almost didn’t try using […]

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Summer Crafts for Kids - Pinwheels | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

We’ve made DIY pinwheels for a few summers in a row now. They are an easy summer craft to make with children. Big pinwheels, like one Sola is holding above, make cute summer decorations, while smaller pinwheels are fun for kids to run around with. To make a pinwheel, you will need: Dowel 3/8″ thick, […]

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