Crafts inspiration and tutorials to help brighten and keep your home, homeschool, and person. Crafts can help bring homeschooling lessons to life, whether they be craft projects for history, holidays, literature, or even math or science! We prefer to work with natural materials, such as paper, wool, and wood, though we have been known to experiment with other materials on occasion.

May Day Baskets | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

I have often wished that we could celebrate May Day properly with a May Pole, but every time we have known of a place that was hosting such a celebration, the event was ridiculously crowded. Then May Day became associated with protests and riots in Seattle, so it just started to seem best to stay […]

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How to Make a Shadow Puppet Theater with Printable Puppets | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Shadow Puppet Plays Putting on shadow puppet plays is a great way to encourage children’s storytelling skills. It’s also a great indoor activity for rainy afternoons when your child is going stir crazy to play outside. When Sola was younger, we used her play stands to put on shadow puppet shows. Unfortunately, when we moved, […]

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How to Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

It’s Real Easter Basket Grass! What could be more fun and Earth friendly than growing your own Easter basket grass?!?! Easter is ten days away, but you still have time to do this fun project with your kids! Supplies: Easter basket Plastic liner, container, or pot that fits inside your Easter basket Potting soil Grass […]

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How Needle Felt Mushroom | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

I’d been focusing on knitting when I get a chance to craft and I realized I was neglecting all the other crafting elements that I enjoy and help to encourage a Waldorf lifestyle in our home. Plus, I like to expose Sola to a variety of crafting materials. So I decided to do some needle […]

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How to Make Baumschmuck for Christmas | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Baumschmuck is German for “Christmas Ornaments” Last year, one of the craft classes at our homeschool co-op had these put out for display for a craft day. They called them baumschmuck, but when I looked up the meaning of that word in German, it just means “Christmas tree ornaments”. I thought they were very pretty […]

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