Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts

Crafts for and about St. Patrick’s Day.

Free St. Patrick's Day Window Transparency Template | From Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsI have been continuing to experiment with window transparencies. With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up on March 17th, I thought I’d try my hand at a leprechaun transparency. So now I have this free St. Patrick’s day window transparency template to share with you. As always, it is free for your personal use only. Also, please let me know if you have problems with any of the files. Not only am I new to sharing files, but our scanner is a bit archaic, so has a bit of trouble scanning kite paper.

Free St. Patrick's Day Window Transparency Template | From Blue Bells and Cockles ShellsAs with all my transparencies, thus far, the supplies that you need to make one are: (more…)

If you can’t tell that I’m Irish by my appearance, my maiden name, Maureen Katherine McGill, would most likely clue you in. I’m proud to be Irish and enjoy the overall concept of St. Patrick’s Day, but let’s just say that being Irish does not mean I like “traditional” Irish food. Quite frankly, I find […]

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As I have mentioned in previous posts, Sola has been very enchanted by the concept of leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day this year. We have been reading about leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day every…. single…. day. The list of St. Patrick’s Day books that I posted last week is only a small sampling of the […]

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Spring Peg Doll Set | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

  As I recently posted, I have been doing a lot of oral story telling using props in our homeschool. A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to needle felt a gnome to accompany the book, Little Gnome Tenderroot, when I decided that I needed to find a quicker way to make story telling […]

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