Apple Ring Bird Treats This was a project that I meant for us to do last month, when the branches were even more bare, but the birds still seemed to appreciate it this month. I thought it would nice to set out a treat for the birds as the winter days near their end and food supplies are dwindling.Apple Ring Bird Treats
For this project, we first cored our apples (am I the only one who did not know that there was such things as apple corers?).Apple Ring Bird Treats
Then we sliced the apples into rings.Apple Ring Bird Treats
We spread peanut butter on one side of them.Apple Ring Bird Treats
Then we pressed them into a dish of birdseed.Apple Ring Bird Treats
Finally, we hung them on branches. This is was when I really wished I had done this last month, as some of our trees have already started to bud. It was a bit difficult to slip the apple slices on the branches and not break the buds. If your trees are already budding and you want to try this, you might string the apple rings on some yarn or twine and wrap it around your tree, like a garland.
Apple Ring Bird TreatsAt first, I didn’t think our treats were going to attract any birds as nothing happened for several day. Then, yesterday, I stepped outside and a whole bunch of birds fluttered away. I stayed quietly for a while and some birds came creeping back. Eventually, they got over their fear of me and went back to chomping away at the apple ring treats.
Of course, I’m always a bit nervous about putting out bird treats ever since we attracted black bears a couple of years ago, but my hope was that the bears would still be hibernating. Thankfully, the treats are almost gone and no bears have appeared.