Maureen SklaroffFor those of you who want to know more of the nitty-gritty about me and why I blog…

I’m a happily-married homeschooling mother of five. My three eldest are “graduated” and are working and/or in college and my 16 year-old is attending college through a high school concurrent enrollment program. My primary focus in life has long been on providing the best schooling experience for my children that I can. This has primarily entailed homeschooling, but has also included co-ops, ALE’s, full and/or part-time public schooling, and more. I do believe in finding what educational option is best for each child during each phase of life, as well as taking into account each parents’ needs, whether they be financial, emotional, or physical.

I currently am homeschooling my six year-old daughter. In researching methods to use with her, I was greatly inspired by Waldorf education. As a result of my studies of Waldorf education, I learned to love many new activities, such as wool felting, knitting, drawing, painting, beeswax modeling, candle making, window transparencies making, woodworking, doll making, nature study, and more. Another byproduct of my Waldorf studies is a further appreciation of the role that festivals and seasons play in all of our lives. Even before researching Waldorf education, my daughter and I have always naturally gravitated towards a seasonally inspired living and learning style.

Blue Bells and Cockle Shells is my third blog, where I seem to have finally found my true voice. On Blue Bells and Cockle Shells, I blog about homeschooling, family life, crafts, recipes, seasonally inspired living, and more.

In my spare time, I am a voracious reader, love attending the theatre, and cherish the moments when I am able to go out for tea with good friends.

Finally, I suffer from a very rare disease called relapsing polychondritis. It is an auto-immune connective tissue disorder that is closely related to lupus. It shares many of the same general symptoms of lupus, but has some unique qualities that differentiate it from lupus, such as dissolving the cartilage in my ears, between my ribs, and along my sternum. Needless to say, is not a fun disease to have, but I’m fortunate to have a wonderful life despite it.

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