A Dandelion Clock | from Blue Bells and Cockle Shells
Dandelion Fairy – by Cicely Mary Barker

Have you ever heard of a dandelion clock? Legend has it that the time is told by how many breaths it takes to blow all the seeds of a dandelion puff (so if takes three puffs to blow the seeds off, it means that it is three o’clock). You must be careful though, as fairies can play tricks on you and your dandelion clock to disguise the real time so you will stay to play a bit longer.

Dandelion Clock | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

While you are out with your child telling time with dandelions, why not also recite this little poem about dandelion clocks:

The dandelion puff
Is a very strange clock
It doesn’t say tick,
And it doesn’t say tock.
It hasn’t a cuckoo,
It hasn’t a chime,
And I really don’t think
It can tell me the time!
– Mary K. Robinson