Month: September 2015

Seasonally Inspired Homeschooling - First Grade | from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsHow was your homeschool week? We’re still getting into our rhythm for the year, since we several of our homeschool activities started up this week and we’re still driving Noctis to and from his classes five days per week (for only three more weeks until he gets his license!). Life was also a little hectic around here due to traffic jams caused by the Chinese president coming to Seattle.

Here is our homeschooling first grade lesson plan for week 5. Please refer to week 1’s post for a list of all the books that we are using this year.  (more…)

The PSAT is only offered once per year! So parents of all highschool juniors it is time to register your 11th grade homeschooler for the PSAT if you plan for her to take it. Each school will administer the test either on Wednesday, October 14, 2014 or Wednesday, October 28, 2014. Unfortunately, the PSAT is […]

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