Month: January 2014

Storytelling With Props - from Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsStorytelling with props in Waldorf education is an unique teaching technique that is not found in any other style of education. Storytelling is a bit of a lost art in our modern-day culture. Sola, however, really responds to the stories that I tell more than she does to the books we read. She’ll often tell me stories of her own that are variations of stories that I have told her previously. Her memory of these stories is much greater than her memory of books that we have read. Donna Simmons does a good job of explaining the role and purpose of story telling in Waldorf kindergarten (this would include ages 3-6) in her book Kindergarten With Your Three to Six Year Old (part of the Christopherus curriculum):

“To my mind, story time is the heart of the kindergarten day at home….story time is when you develop and work with a story over a period of days. This, along with Circle Time, is what will eventually develop into your Main Lessons and it is the focus for much much of the creative work and/or play which follows.”

I usually try to choose stories that relate to the season or a current holiday, as the rhythm of the year plays such an important part of our life. Some of my favorite sources for stories that are:

I use a lot of props with story telling and I think these really help to bring the stories to life for Sola. As she gets older and more able to develop her own mental images, I will begin to rely less on props. Some of props that we use in story telling props are:

Feeling inspired? Why not make some props of your own to go with some of your stories?

Being mid-winter, we’ve not been getting outside as much as we’re used to and we have yet to start this year’s gardening projects, so we’ve been doing a bit of gardening and nature study indoors. We set up a new terrarium. For this of you, who have been following this blog and my blog before […]

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Winter Seasonable Table | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Our winter seasonal table/shelf is pretty simple right now. Sola insisted that we should not use any silks to decorate it for winter. In addition, between the holidays and the weather, we have not had a chance to go on any nature outings recently, so we have no pieces of nature added to the table. […]

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