Month: July 2013

Gem Decorated Frame 5We first did this craft project a couple of years ago and were inspired by this post at Play at Home Mom. I decided to do this activity again last week, because it has been too hot here during the day to play outside. It turned out to be a nice summer craft project, since it brings a sparkle to the sunshine streaming in out windows.Gem Decorated Frame 1It is a very simple craft, but can look very sophisticated, depending on your design. I had hoped to play with a mandala pattern, but Sola was being a bit too “helpful” for me to create the design I had hoped to do. In order to make these, all you need is black frames with everything removed, except the glass, some clear glue (we used Elmer’s), and decorations (we used acrylic gems, but it could be anything really, even leaves or other bits of nature). The first time we did this, I spray painted some cheap upcycled frames black, but this time I put a bit more effort into finding used frames that were black already, as I really hate spray paint. We first covered the glass with clear glue. Then we added gems to the top of the glue.Gem Decorated Frame 3I found that the easiest way to let these dry is to put pushpins in the four corners of the frame, so that it is elevated. That way, it doesn’t stick to its drying surface (aluminum foil in our case) and it dries faster. Using this method, it took about one day for the frames to dry.Gem Decorated Frame 4

Gem Decorated Frame 6

Until recently, Sola’s doll house and Ostheimer animals were kept in our play room, which has wood floors. Unfortunately, our cats kept attacking the doll house babies, so we had to move the doll house in to our bedroom, which has carpeting. This posed a problem with the modeling wax food that Sola and I  […]

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