Month: February 2013

Spring Gnomes | From Blue Bells and Cockle ShellsI’ve completely finished making our monthly gnomes and am now moving on to new projects! For our spring gnomes, I used a pattern from Making Peg Dolls, by Margaret Bloom.

Here is what the hat looks like from the back and above.

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I’m finishing up the monthly gnomes that Dora asked me to make. As I mentioned previously, I opted to design different head attire for the gnomes, based on each season. Here are our winter gnomes for December, January, and February. I made knitted hats for these little guys, using this pattern from Anna Branford. It […]

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I’m sad to report that, though I did finish many of the valentines that I was working on, I had a “flare” (I’m thinking that I did too much at the zoo last week) this weekend and slept away most of my sewing time. So, at the last minute, I took Dora to Target, where […]

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